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Salvaged Rage 158 Circuit Board

Salvaged Rage 158 Circuit Board

Board is approx 11-3/4 x 2-1/4 x 1" (counting black bits 2-2/4" wide)

Various holes available to attach things to it. Some, if not all of the bits and pieces can be removed 

with a soldering iron. and wicking material. (salvaged material so may have scuffs or scratches)

Caveat - working with circuit boards need to be approached with caution, if they are being cut,  protective gear should be worn (mask & googles) so as not the get particles where you don't want them. Finished artwork should be sealed if it will be worn or handled. Do your own research just to be safe. FYI I handle these without gloves so can't say whether the electronic properties of these are functional.

Salvaged Rage 158 Circuit Board

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