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About MadRat Rubber

       This site is owned & operated by myself, I'm head artist, web designer, researcher, troubleshooter & shipping department. I was inspired to start this little company by the creativity of stampers & collage artists & my need for stamps and materials to use in my own projects. I originally began with just um stamps and a few supplies but now my offerings also include cling & wood mounted stamps along with an ever growing list of materials & supplies for the mixed-media artist. I'm always on the lookout for interesting products and objects that I can use in my own artwork and as I find them I'll add them to my inventory. Some of these items are mass produced while others may be old stock or vintage and are available on a limited basis.


      The stamps I offer under MadRat Rubber, have been put together from some of my own drawings and/or photographs but most are vintage which I've culled from various sources. They are deep etched red rubber and are available un-mounted (rubber only), cling (closely trimmed on static cling foam) and traditional wood mounts. The stamps I carry from other companies will vary as to the depth of the etch & the format in which they're offered. My taste in images runs from vintage to contemporary, sublime to mundane & metaphysical to scientific with an emphasis on the unusual. Something for just about everyone.  I hope you'll find lots of things to inspire you to return often.


     I'd love to see & share your artwork that incorporates my stamps so feel free to email links or pictures of your finished pieces. If you're curious about my personal artwork, visit (madrat studio is currently in limbo until I have time to reconstruct it, But a lot of the images in the gallery are my own)


Thanks for your interest,

Gretchen Myers

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